Apps By Kids

Helper content for the GEMS 2018 Coding Club

Do you have a kid who is in this year’s coding club?

Thanks for lending me your kids’ attention for a few hours! Here are some quick notes:

  • Your kids are all awesome, and I’m happy I volunteered.
  • Each student will retain their accounts, and can continue to modify and improve their games.
  • I am available for any help the students might need with this content after the club ends. Just shoot me an email.
  • I have a group on, @gemscoders, for club announcements.

Are you interested in having a kid attend a future club?

Each club will be different. The current (informal) plan is for Mr. Wiseman to order a set of Circuit Playground developer boards to give students for one club per year, where we’ll run through’s “physical computing” curriculum. Other clubs will have different themes - building text games, simple animations, and whatever anyone pitches me that sounds achievable and fun.

I’m looking forward to doing more volunteering at GEMS, and I hope to see your kid in a future class!